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Self-play Cat Hunting Spiral Tunnel Toy

Self-play Cat Hunting Spiral Tunnel Toy

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Self-play Cat Hunting Spiral Tunnel Toy

Self-play Cat Hunting Spiral Tunnel Toy

  (12,136 Reviews)
Regular price $14.97
Regular price $14.97 Sale price $29.99
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Keep your kitty moving and happy with this cat-hunting coil tunnel toy!

This cat toy features a tunnel-like coil with an included hanging prey on both ends that would surely captivate even your lazy feline. It allows them to freely run through it, charge, pounce, and play for an all day long fun even when you're not around! Furthermore, this coil tunnel also encourages your precious companion to stay active and well exercise to keep them physically healthy and strong. Thus, eliminating the risk of lethargicness, boredom, obesity, depression, and other destructive behavior. What’s more? It also helps to stimulate your kitten’s mind and natural predatory instinct as they ‘hunt’ the hanging toys.  

The cat coil tunnel toy does not pose any choking hazards and it is completely smooth and comfortable to the touch. Allowing it to be played on non-stop without causing potential injuries like scratching, cuts, irritations, and such. Suitable for senior cats, kittens, regular scratcher felines, and even your hyperactive ones of different breeds. No worries as it does not take up much space and can instantly make any area a fun, play zone with no assembling needed anymore. Made with premium, pet-friendly materials that boast to last an endless play time without damaging or wearing off.   

Pamper your furry friends and entertain them even when you're away with this fun cat-hunting coil tunnel toy!


All-Day Long Self-play Entertainment
A self-playing cat toy featuring a spiral tunnel-like coil with a hanging mouse toy on the front and a hanging feather at the end for your fur babies to prey on. This tunnel coil allows your kitty to freely run through inside or out the coil while they charge to the in-built hanging toys. Providing them with an extra layer of excitement and entertainment for their everyday play session. No worries as the coil toy offers a nicely distinctive twist and turns that guarantees to attract even your most lazy or finicky feline up and play on. Make it a great toy so you can still leave your cat at home alone without getting bored or doing nothing but naps all day long!

Promote Pet Health
Does not only deliver endless fun to your precious felines, but it also supplies multiple beneficial effects for them! Allowing them to move, run, pounce, and play with the coil toy for enrichment and promoting exercise and agility. Thus, preventing them from lounging all day which might lead to lethargy, boredom, obesity, depression, and other destructive behavior. The tunnel toy can even serve as a healthy outlet to let your furry companion boost their natural predatory instincts thanks to the included hanging prey. The best toy for your cat to stay active every day and successfully stimulate their overall physical and mental health while having tons of fun!

Pet-Friendly Design
Constructed professionally with your feline’s comfort and overall safety in mind. It does not contain any sharp ends or materials that might scratch and potentially injure your cat. This coil tunnel can also be freely played, pounced, and hunted on by your precious tabby without experiencing skin irritation or unwanted toxic odor leaching. Moreover, it even ensures that no claws would get caught and cause painful breaking or tearing unlike with other pet toy products. Suitable for senior cats, kittens, regular scratcher felines, and even your hyperactive ones of different breeds.  

Wide Application
Does not need to be assembled anymore and can be directly placed on any flat surface. It also takes up no space at all so you can leave it on the floor for your cat to play on without blocking or any issues. Great to be put on the living room, bedroom, playroom, carpet floors, front yard, back yard, garden, and more possibilities. The coil tunnel is also very light for easier transport at all times whether you're at home, in apartments, in dorms, in hotels, vacations, and such. 

Premium Quality
Made of high-quality, non-toxic stainless steel coil covered with cat-friendly fabric materials. It supports excellent durability that can withstand endless play, clawing, pouncing, and such without easily damaging. This fun cat-hunting toy does not also pose any choking hazard for overall safety and health. 


  • Size(expanded): 25x65cm
  • Style: 1-Yellow sisal / 2-Yellow mouse / 3-Yellow stripes / 4-Blue pompom / 5-Blue stripes / 6-Purple


  • 1 x Self-play Cat Hunting Spiral Tunnel Toy
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