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Pro360 Galaxy Projector

Pro360 Galaxy Projector

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Pro360 Galaxy Projector

Pro360 Galaxy Projector

  (12,136 Reviews)
Regular price $44.97
Regular price $44.97 Sale price $89.99
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Six TOTO Products Receive Red Dot Design Award 2021, and one product wins  "Best of the Best" - TOTO Thailand

Experience the Universe with our Space-Age Laser Projector!

Step into an exciting new realm of entertainment right within your own home with our NASA-developed, Star Trek-inspired Pro360 Galaxy Projector!

This high-tech gadget is all you need to fill your space with a mesmerizing cosmic spectacle, taking your movie nights to stellar heights, or making bedtime an intergalactic journey for your little ones.

The Pro360 Galaxy Projector employs cutting-edge technology that projects realistic images of the cosmos onto any surface, providing you with the most awe-inspiring views of our universe. Seeking something romantic or educational about outer space? Look no further - our projector brings the universe to you!

Outstanding Features

  • 21 Dynamic Projection Modes - Easily tailor your celestial experience to your liking. Select from various modes or mix and match RGB colors to bring the enchanting cosmos right into your living space!
  • Unparalleled Immersive Experience - Offering a full 360-degree visual extravaganza, this projector plunges you into the heart of the cosmos, transforming your rooms into celestial landscapes.
  • Revolutionary Innovation - As the pioneering portable, wireless projector, it projects stunning imagery of drifting stars and nebulae onto any surface, giving you an authentic taste of space minus the drawbacks of zero gravity.
  • Integrated Bluetooth Connectivity - Sync it with your favorite tunes and see your personal cosmos dance to your beats, letting the colors and patterns shift with the rhythm of your music.
  • Adaptable and Versatile - Ideal for all space enthusiasts who wish to bring the magic of the universe into their homes or jazz up their events with a memorable galactic spectacle.
  • Relaxing and Soothing Effects - Unwind with some calming music as your ceiling transforms into a vast expanse of twinkling stars, all from the comfort of your couch.
  • Dependable Power Source - Experience the beauty of the cosmos without the need for a wall socket. Our USB-powered projector is easily portable for on-the-go use.
  • Built-in Timer Function - Customize the duration of your cosmic show with our handy timer, allowing you to drift off peacefully into the starry night.

Product Includes

  •  Pro360 Galaxy Projector

Embrace the cosmos and get your Pro360 Galaxy Projector today! Your gateway to the universe awaits.

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