GingerMax AntiSwelling FootSpa Tablets
GingerMax AntiSwelling FootSpa Tablets
GingerMax AntiSwelling FootSpa Tablets
GingerMax AntiSwelling FootSpa Tablets
GingerMax AntiSwelling FootSpa Tablets
GingerMax AntiSwelling FootSpa Tablets
GingerMax AntiSwelling FootSpa Tablets
GingerMax AntiSwelling FootSpa Tablets
GingerMax AntiSwelling FootSpa Tablets

GingerMax AntiSwelling FootSpa Tablets

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Meet our happy customers to get to know GingerMax AntiSwelling FootSpa Tablets!

“I had breast reduction surgery and lipo under my arm. I had so much lymph fluid for weeks my stomach was measuring up to four inches bigger. It was horrible Under my arm was hard as a rock where the lymph wasn’t moving. I began taking this product and it immediately began working. My abdomen went down two inches by the next day. I’m a week out from beginning it but I would say 80 percent of my lymph fluid so gone and the hardness under my arms is about 95 percent better. I highly recommend it. I’m going to take for a few weeks until my healing is down”— Vanessa Johnson— 27, El Paso, Texas 

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“I have struggled with Lymphedema since childhood. My legs and feet are painfully numb due to retention. Diuretic’s will help only after days of heavy doses. This product is amazing. I am 6 weeks post-tummy tuck and was recommended to have a lymphatic massage to help with swelling. Taking 1/4 tsp of this twice a day did the trick for a fraction of the cost. It tastes good too, like honey/syrup. I take it straight and just drink water behind it to help wash it down.”— Farrah Clifford— 34, Seattle, Washington

The lymphatic system is our body's "sewerage system" which means, it helps drain toxic and unnecessary waste from your body. Let's dive in deeper.

Let’s talk about how the lymphatic System works.

  • is the fluid that flows through the lymphatic system, a system composed of lymph vessels (channels) and intervening lymph nodes whose function, like the venous system, is to return fluid from the tissues to the central circulation.

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues, vessels, and organs that work together to move a colorless, watery fluid called lymph back into your circulatory system (your bloodstream). Some 20 liters of plasma flow through your body's arteries and smaller arteriole blood vessels and capillaries every day.

What are the blockages that affect the lymphatic system?
Manual Lymph Drainage Lethbridge | Lymphatic drainage massage, Lymph  drainage, Manual lymph drainageLymphatic obstruction is a blockage of the lymph vessels that drain fluid from tissues throughout the body and allow immune cells to travel where they are needed. Lymphatic obstruction may cause lymphedema, which means swelling due to a blockage of the lymph passages. Some of the blockages:
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Swelling or accumulation of fluid (lymphedema): Lymphedema can result from a blockage in the lymphatic system caused by scar tissue from damaged lymph vessels or nodes. Lymphedema is also often seen when lymph nodes are removed from those who've had surgery or radiation to remove cancer.
  • Lymphadenopathy: refers to lymph nodes that are abnormal in size
  • Lymphedema: is swelling due to the build-up of lymph fluid in the body
  • Lymphoma: cancer of the lymphatic system body's germ-fighting network.
  • Lymphangitis: defined as an inflammation of the lymphatic channels
  • Lymphocytosis: a high lymphocyte count, is an increase in white blood cells
The Convenient and Natural Solution - Lymphatic Drainage
GingerMax AntiSwelling FootSpa Tablets are extracted from the natural plant ginger and wormwood, a wonderful blend of herbals, which is very mild and non-irritating. FootSpa Tablets are a great natural solution for lymphatic drainage.
  1. Ginger
  2. Wormwood

Yes, ginger is good for lymphatic drainage. Ginger has a specific action on the lymphatic system and its role is to help break down and release toxins and other cellular waste products. Ginger is used both in the treatment of cancer, where it’s helpful for dealing with related side effects such as nausea and vomiting.

Wormwood strengthens the immune system, stimulates digestion, promotes detoxification, and improves energy levels. Wormwood moves the lymphatic fluid and cleanses the lymphatic system as a whole. It is especially helpful for clearing out the mucky remnants of old infections, generalized congestion, and accumulated metabolic waste.
That is the reason why this is created...
The GingerMax AntiSwelling FootSpa Tablets is an all-natural treatment that takes another level of detoxification and unclogged fatty tissues blocking drains in the lymphatic system. It also relieves stress, reduces swelling, relaxes spasms, boosts digestive health, promotes blood circulation, etc. 
undefined Benefits of the GingerMax AntiSwelling FootSpa Tablets:
  • Improves leg appearance
  • Clear out clogs
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation
  • Relief for leg and feet stiffness
  • Reduce pressure points for better blood flow
  • Cellulite decrease
  • Sagging abdominal elasticity improvement
  • Skin shine improvement
  • Increasing the rate at which waste is removed from your body.
  • Eliminate those unwanted calories
  • Promote blood circulation, foot purifier pads, warm feet
For a more effective explanation of this miracle foot soak process, let's take Alexa Jorgen's journey with the GingerMax AntiSwelling FootSpa Tablets!
1st WEEK
“I just discovered this product through my friend scrolling through an online shopping site. In the 1st week of using this product, I feel so comfortable. This made me believe that this product works. My legs felt a lot at ease and my calves are hurting a lot less”
8th WEEK
“It is the 8th week of using this product and I can’t believe that all the pain I’m experiencing in my legs is fading. Can you imagine that? For just 8 weeks, the clog-dissolving components soften the hardness of the swelling on my legs.”
12th WEEK
My decision on keeping this product and using it regularly is so worth it. This product seriously works under my skin to get the vein which is a big help for me. For just 12 weeks it shows already it’s a big improvement.”

– Julianna Perez— 39, Tampa, Florida

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