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Universal Appliance Cord Winder

Universal Appliance Cord Winder

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Universal Appliance Cord Winder

Universal Appliance Cord Winder

  (12,136 Reviews)
Regular price $12.97
Regular price $12.97 Sale price $25.99
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Tame all your cluttered batch of wires on your countertops in a blink with this universal appliance cord winder!
This cord winder is designed with flexible butterfly shaped wings that lets you easily and neatly tucks your appliance’s cable. It is equipped with a middle lock slot where you can situate the end of the cord and fix it in place to avoid slipping. Moreover, this cord winder comes with a powerful, non-trace adhesive that can securely attach directly on your different appliances. Allowing you to successfully organize and conceal your kitchen’s cluttered wires while still being accessible when needed to plug on. No need to keep them plugged anymore or messily rest on your countertops only to be wet and get dirtied!

The handy cord organizer is highly flexible so you can adhere it through smooth, even surfaces as well as curved ones. Suitable for tidying your rice cooker, oven toaster, microwaves, mixer, coffee maker, blender, oven, air fryer, pressure cooker, juicer, electric kettle and so on. No worries as this cord winder boasts an excellent resistance to moist and heat to prevent it from loosening adhesion or causing deformation. It is professionally constructed with quality materials that can be confidently used anytime without harming your appliances and cords.  

Eliminate the cord mess on your living space using only this universal appliance cord winder!
  • Butterfly-Wing Cord Winder
    A smart, cord winder tool that can be directly attached to your appliance discreetly and swiftly tucks its wire secured. Featuring a butterfly-like wings design where you can neatly wrap the cord without harm, and a small side opening to prevent slipping out. Additionally, the cord-winder also comes with a convenient middle slot that can lock and fix the wire in place. You can now effortlessly organize your cluttered, tangled kitchen cords and keep them away in plain sight while still staying accessible anytime. No more messy appliances wires laying or hanging everywhere and the risk of accidentally wetting them! 
  • Easy Non-Destructive Installation
    Comes with a non-trace back adhesive that can be safely stuck on a plethora of appliances. No need for any complicated destructive installation or messy glues anymore! Simply wipe clean the appliance first, peel-off the protective film at the back and gently adhere it on the surface. Once done, you can now wind your appliance’s cord to tidy up and lock it into the middle slot. You can also un-loop it anytime with ease when needed to plug.
  • Perfectly Non-Slip
    Offers an outstanding, 3M adhesive that securely adheres to surfaces and withstand any humid environment such as kitchen. Preventing it from falling off and constant sticking even when exposed to moisture. Moreover, this cord winder is totally heat resistant so it can be confidently applied to any heating appliances without deforming or loosening stickiness.
  • Wide Application
    Highly flexible which allows it to successfully fit on both flat and  curved surfaces. Suitable on various surface types, including wood, leather, glass, tile, metal, brick, plastic, wallpaper and so on. This organizing tool is also wide enough to tackle bigger or longer cables to meet all of your wiring storage needs. Making it ideal for tidying the cords of your rice cooker, oven toaster, microwaves, mixer, coffee maker, blender, oven, air fryer, pressure cooker, juicer, electric kettle and more possibilities.
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic plastic material with excellent heat and moisture resistance. It does not contain any harmful surface and corners that might scratch or cut your appliances and wires. Furthermore, this cord winder provides an impressive durability that can hold out against years of continuous use without wearing.
  • Material: TPR Silicone
  • Size: 10.3 x 2.8cm
  • Color: White / Grey / Black 
  • 1PC of Universal Appliance Cord Winder
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