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Reusable Plant Rooting Grow Ball

Reusable Plant Rooting Grow Ball

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Reusable Plant Rooting Grow Ball

Reusable Plant Rooting Grow Ball

  (12,136 Reviews)
Regular price $12.97
Regular price $12.97 Sale price $25.99
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Speed up green’s root propagation rate using this reusable plant rooting grow ball!

This innovative plant growing helper features a sturdy circular structure which adopts a safer,  air stratification technique. Allowing your greens to develop a 2x faster propagation of a healthy root system directly from the stripped stem of the mother plant. This plant rooting tool also assists your greeneries to absorb more of their needed nutrients and keep the branch in place. Designed with a handy top opening to facilitate watering and a smart bottom that adjusts automatically to the plant branch size. Suitable for various plant types, including  roses, magnolias, camellias, fruit trees, daphnes, jasmines, ficus, azaleas, lilacs, and so on.     

The plant rooting ball does not weigh down the stem and it also does not create disturbance and other adverse effects. It has superior corner lockings that securely interlock with each other to keep your plant protected and stably in place. Simply place a moist soil from the plant ball, wrap it around the stripped stem, lock it, and you're good to go. Made with premium PP material that can hold out against years of reusability and extreme weather conditions without damaging! Making it an ideal helper for every plantsman and those who are starting their plant collecting journey!  

Easily propagate your precious vegetation and keep them growing only with this reusable plant rooting grow ball! 

  • Quick Excellent Results
    A handy plant rooting tool that is specially designed in a smart air layer globe pod to successfully assist your greeneries. Providing you a much mature and effective faster propagation by offering your cuttings with stronger roots to reproduce on. This rooting pod can show results for as quick as 6-8 weeks after installation unlike with normal propagation methods. Ideal especially for plants or vegetation with slow or low-growing shoots and those in need of a helping hand.

  • Air Layering Technique
    Adopts a proper, maximum air stratification technique that encourages root to form and develop. Allowing your plant to effectively “clone” and directly propagate new branches and shrubs from the cutted stem that is still attached to the parent plant. The air layering method not only promotes 2x faster growing rate, but it also helps to keep the branches in place and absorbs more nutrition. It enables your greenery with a higher chance of establishing a new, healthy root system and greater survival rate.

  • Ergonomic Design
    The high-propagation plant ball is light to ensure that it does not weigh down and damage the stem. It comes with a wide diameter water inlet which allows you to facilitate better watering without the need to constantly open and close the rooting pod. This tool also equips 4 small hole locks and a bigger safety lockings that can be easily interlock with each other in just a press. Securing the branches firmly in place and protected at all times to promote a rapid and healthier root propagation system.
  • Wide Application
    Does not harm or create disturbance and other adverse effects to the existing mother plant. It has a thickness control bottom that can adjust freely and safely according to your plant branch's diameter. Suitable on a variety of indoor and outdoor vegetation, including roses, magnolias, camellias, trees, fruit trees, daphnes, jasmines, ficus, azaleas, lilacs, viburnums, and more possibilities. Simply trim off side shoots and leaves from the stem of your plant, place a moist moss or garden soil into the plant root pod, wrap it around the stripped stem, lock it to secure, and done. Make sure to water it daily using the water inlet to stay the soil moistened. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made with high-quality, plant-friendly PP plastic material which boasts a thickened structure and durability for an optimized reusability. It can withstand extreme weather conditions or temperatures without damaging or rusting. Furthermore, this plant rooting grow ball does not contain any toxic chemicals that might leach to ensure your plant’s safety and overall health. 


  • MaterialPP plastic
  • Diameter: 5cm(S); 8cm(M); 12cm(L)


  • 1x Reusable Plant Rooting Grow Ball
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