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Easy-Removal Elastic Hair Band Trimmer

Easy-Removal Elastic Hair Band Trimmer

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Easy-Removal Elastic Hair Band Trimmer

Easy-Removal Elastic Hair Band Trimmer

  (12,136 Reviews)
Regular price $14.97
Regular price $14.97 Sale price $29.99
SAVE 50% Sold out
Save your strands from the dreaded hair tie tugging and use this easy-removal elastic hair band trimmer!

This hair accessory successfully picks up even the tightest of band loops off your tresses and trims it with ease. Providing you an easier and quicker alternative to remove each elastic hair band without the painful tugging. Suitable for removing bands on different hair types and hairdos, including a classic pony, fancy buns, or even complicated braids and dreadlocks. 

No worries, as this hair band trimmer is designed with a thoughtful hidden blade and smooth, rounded hook tip. It can be confidently used without causing skin cuts or risking your strands with possible pulling and breakage. 

The hair band trimmer offers an ergonomic, non-slip handle for better gripping and maneuverability. It can be used for cutting and removing countless hair bands without experiencing hand fatigue or discomfort. Made with the highest quality ABS plastic and rust-resistant blade that can withstand multiple years without wearing-off. Making it an ideal assistant for parents, girls, and those who love to tie their tresses in cute, creative hairstyles!  

Take off pesky elastic bands in no time with this easy-removal elastic hair band trimmer!  
  • Quick and Painless Removal
    A handy hair accessory designed with a rounded hooking tip and sharp stainless steel blade. Allowing it to painlessly slide to your tresses and gently pick under the band loop to cut and remove with great ease and speed. Saving you from the infuriating, painful tugging that only pulls and breaks your hair stands more. No worries as this hair removal cutter does not require any special tools or skills. All you have to do is to hook, tug, cut, and remove! Ideal for everyone who ties hair, especially for those mothers and fathers who always had their daughters in fun hairstyles.

  • Ergonomically Design
    Comes with a non-slip, lengthened handle that can be held securely even by a kid’s little hands. Providing you maximum maneuverability and comfortability for each elastic band removal. You can even use it for removing countless elastics from the complex and cutest of hairstyles without experiencing any hand strains or discomfort. 
  • Safe to Use
    Constructed with a thoughtful hidden blade to ensure that it can be used even by children without accidental cuts and harm. It does not also cause snagging or scratching so you can confidently remove bands anytime while keeping your hair from the risk of nasty breakage. Suitable for all hair types and removing all elastic bands from different hairstyles, including a regular pony or to complicated braids and dreadlocks.

  • Portable Size
    Professionally constructed in a lightweight, compact size that can fit through bags, pouches, and hair kits while saving space. It allows you to easily remove pesky hair ties in a breeze anytime, anywhere. Great for at home use or when you're out on vacations, hotels, apartments, dormitories, parties, school, business trips, and more possibilities.
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality ABS plastic and stainless steel blade material that boasts excellent durability. It can withstand endless elastic hair band removal without breaking or wearing off. Furthermore, this cutting tool also supplies an impressive rust resistance to ensure that it won’t provide any type of corrosion. 
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 10 x 1.8cm
  • Color: Purple, black, yellow, pink, red, blue
  • 1 x Easy-Removal Elastic Hair Band Trimmer 

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