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HairFollicle Massage Kit with Essential Oil

HairFollicle Massage Kit with Essential Oil

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HairFollicle Massage Kit with Essential Oil

HairFollicle Massage Kit with Essential Oil

  (12,136 Reviews)
Regular price $39.97
Regular price $39.97 Sale price $79.99
SAVE 50% Sold out

Indulge in luxurious hair rejuvenation with the HairFollicle Massage Kit with Essential Oil- Transform your haircare routine into a lavish self-care ritual for vibrant, healthier locks!

Check out the study regarding the effect of Ginseng for Hair Growth Cited by the Department of Pharmaceutical Science and Engineering in August 2018

“We have discovered the remarkable benefits of ginseng and its derivatives in promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. Ginseng works by stimulating the growth phase of hair follicles while slowing down the shedding phase, resulting in thicker and healthier hair. Although we have some understanding of how ginseng achieves these effects, further research, particularly in longer human trials, is needed to fully establish its potential as a natural remedy for hair loss. Additionally, considering the significant emotional impact of hair loss, especially in conditions like alopecia caused by various factors such as hormonal imbalances or skin damage, the potential of ginseng in addressing these concerns is truly promising.”

See our customers’ feedback

“Before, I was struggling with dull, lifeless hair and noticeable hair loss. My confidence was at an all-time low, and I was desperate for a solution to revive my hair and restore its vitality. I had tried various products without much success, and I was skeptical about whether this kit would make any difference to my hair health.

However, after incorporating the HairFollicle Massage Kit with Essential Oil into my haircare routine, I was amazed by the transformation. Not only did the essential oil blend leave my hair feeling nourished and revitalized, but the massage technique also helped improve blood circulation to my scalp. Within just a few weeks of consistent use, I noticed a significant reduction in hair shedding, and my hair looked visibly thicker and healthier. I couldn't be happier with the results, and I feel more confident than ever before.”  -Jessica Taylor, 36, Chicago

“The HairFollicle Massage Kit with Essential Oil has transformed my haircare routine. With consistent use, I've seen a significant reduction in hair loss and an improvement in overall hair health. It's become an essential part of my self-care regimen, and I couldn't be happier with the results.” -Amanda Brown, 32, San Francisco

Benefits of scalp massage

Scalp massage offers numerous benefits for hair and scalp health. It stimulates blood flow to the scalp, promoting the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles, resulting in healthier hair growth. Additionally, scalp massage helps to relax the muscles and reduce tension, alleviating stress and potentially reducing stress-related hair loss. Regular scalp massage can also distribute natural oils produced by the scalp, moisturizing and nourishing the hair strands, leading to improved overall hair condition and shine.

Boost the potency of your oil for maximum results

ATTDX HairFollicle Massage Kit with Essential Oil harnesses the power of our proprietary oil blend, synergizing with its scalp massager to optimize effectiveness. Experience the transformative benefits as our unique formula deeply nourishes your scalp, promoting robust hair growth and revitalized strands. Elevate your haircare regimen with HairFollicle Massage Kit with Essential Oil  unlocking the full potential of our potent oil blend.

Key ingredients of HairFollicle Massage Kit with Essential Oil


Invigorate your hair follicles with the rejuvenating strength of ginseng, renowned for its stimulating properties. Enhancing scalp circulation, ginseng ensures essential nutrients and oxygen reach your hair roots, promoting stronger, healthier strands. Embrace a new chapter of hair vitality enriched with ginseng essence.


Uncover the science behind clinical hair restoration with Minoxidil. Backed by scientific research, Minoxidil prolongs the hair growth phase, gradually leading to thicker, fuller hair. Embrace the transformative power of Minoxidil for visibly denser locks.


Revive your scalp and stimulate hair growth with the aromatic essence of rosemary. Packed with antioxidants and antimicrobial properties, rosemary nurtures scalp health while combating dandruff and itchiness. Immerse yourself in the calming sensation of rosemary-infused hair care and embark on a journey to revitalized locks.

What makes HairFollicle Massage Kit with Essential Oil special?

  • Innovative scalp massager design
  • Potent essential oil blend
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Enhances scalp circulation
  • Nourishes hair follicles
  • Revitalizes hair strands

Product Include :

  • 1 PC - Massage machine
  • 1 PC - hair oil
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